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Beloxxi Cream Crackers        ...the biscuit of Nigeria

Beloxxi Biscuit is baked with low fat, sugar, salt, no additives, Carotenes, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Beloxxi Cream Crackers is a healthy biscuit for both children and adults.


  About Us

Our company is a major manufacturer of fast moving goods- CREAM CRACKERS
BISCUIT. Beloxxi Cream
Cracker is produced under
good hygiene with standard
recipe. Beloxxi Cream
Crackers, the food for the
human race. Proudly Nigerian!

  Quality Statement

Beloxxi biscuits are produced under a hygienic and efficient production process
environment. We are
committed to enhancing
consumer satisfaction with
quality products that meet
global standards.

  Nutritional Value

Beloxxi Group helps you
understand how foods affect
your health and make it easier
to choose healthy foods. Our
Nutrition Facts helps with your
guide towards recommended
daily intake of calories. Read
More to find out the Nutrition
Facts about our product.

  Join Our Team

Working with us is an
experience that involves
having fun, pushing yourself to
constantly improve and
achieve goals, making friends
and working as a team. We
care about our team and our
customers – we are looking
for people to do the same.