Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be a distributor?

You could send your address to us (i.e. the area where you would like to start distributing) and we would get back to you on that. We usually have a list of distributors in different locations. So when you send the address to us, we would check and get back to you on whether there is an available spot for you or you could also speak with our customer care group for more enquiries.

Who are our distributors?

Please visit the Distributor's Network page on our website to see our list of distributors.

How much is a carton of biscuit?

Prices varies on the geo location of our distributors.

If I become a distributor, do you have logistics to transport my goods?

Yes, there are transporters that can convey your goods but there is a price attached to it.

How much goods do I need to buy to become a distributor?

It depends on the area you want to become a distributor but you can call this number (0805842281- Abigail) to get further details.

What are the distributors incentives i.e. the benefits of being a distributor?

We do give incentives such as promotional gifts when it’s in stock and also end of the year gifts so as to appreciate our distributors.

What are the types of distributors you have and what is the pricing like?

We have only major distributors for now.

Which supermarket on the Mainland and on the Island can one easily find Beloxxi?

You can find Beloxxi in all Shoprite stores and other major supermarkets

Is there any other brand of biscuit produced by Beloxxi?

No there is none for now, we majorly produce Beloxxi Cream Crackers.

What are the countries Beloxxi is exported to?

We currently export to Sierra Leone and Ghana.

Where is the Factory/Head office of Beloxxi?

Factory/Head Office - C21/5A Anioma Road, Agbara Industrial Estate, Ogun State, Nigeria