BELOXXI Brand of Biscuits is a combination of finest ingredients wrapped in unique

packaging materials. The products are produced in a clinically clean and hygienic environment.
product contains top quality grade wheat flour mixed with skimmed milk, glucose (not sugar) little

salt (in consideration of health interest of customers). The products are carefully enriched with beta-
carotenes which are very good source for preventing Vitamin A deficiency, promoting effective cell

communication, boosting human immune – system. It is also an anti-oxidant.

The Company is sensitive to religious, cultural and health background of various customers, and does

not use animal fats in the production process. Instead palm-oil based fats; margarine and coconut oil are

used. Choice of these ingredients guarantees that the biscuit have zero-cholesterol level.

These nutritive facts have been corroborated by the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and

Control (NAFDAC), and other regulatory agencies in Nigeria and beyond.

BELOXXI biscuit is a special delight for regular snacks, office tea breaks and for regular consumption. The

biscuits are acclaimed to be particularly good for children as well as adults.

The products of the Company enjoy both local and international patronage.


The Company had received several enquiries and orders for exports from West African countries,

especially from Angola, Gabon and Senegal. And at some point, did export to Angola and some Southern

African countries, but could not sustain the foreign market due to the very high local demand for its products.

BELOXXI Cracker Biscuits is the registered trademark of BELOXXI Industries Limited. This protects the

products of the Company from counterfeiting.

The state-of-art facilities deployed in the production process, the choice of top rated ingredients and

well articulated distribution network places BELOXXI products at a unique competitive advantage over

its potential competitors.